Butterfly Abs Side Effects

I have some people ask me if there are any Butterfly Abs side effects. I thought that this was a great question to address because when I was first looking into getting the Butterfly Abs I wanted to know the same thing. I wanted to know that Butterfly Abs would be a safe product to use and if there were any negative side effects.

So, I looked into electronic muscle stimulation and if there are any possible Butterfly Abs side effects. Electronic muscle stimulators have been around since about the 1800s and approved by the FDA for many years. The main purposes electronic muscle stimulators is for medical and athletic use.

The only warnings and safety issues I could find is that people with a pacemaker, pregnant, or may become pregnant, or have a heart condition should not use the Butterfly Abs or any electronic muscles stimulation. It makes sense that they should not use the Butterfly Abs because the electronic muscle stimulation is not safe for them to use.

However, there were no other warnings against electronic muscle stimulation out there. It is safe to use and an effective way to tone muscles and strengthen them. And the Butterfly Abs is also cleared by the FDA which was comforting to me to know that it is safe to use.

I also checked the official website to see if they had any warnings and to see what it said as well. The Butterfly Abs official site said the same thing that I found everywhere else. That people who have a pacemaker, heart condition, pregnant, or may become pregnant should not use the Butterfly Abs.

The official site also said that it may cause muscles soreness, which is to be expected after any muscles activity. Muscles soreness comes after the breakdown of muscle fibers. It also says that if you experience any soreness then you should lower the intensity level of the Butterfly Abs belt.

Muscle soreness was the only Butterfly Abs side effect that I could find. And muscles soreness is common with any physical activity. Plus, with Butterfly Abs if muscle soreness occurs, all that has to be done is to reduce the intensity level.

What is great about the Butterfly Abs is that anyone can start using it. It doesn’t matter if you’re really fit or just beginning to workout. There are ten different intensity levels to choose from and six different workout programs to choose from as well. There is a program or intensity level that anyone can start with and then progress from there.

The only Butterfly Abs side effects that I have experience are good. I have seen my abs become more toned and defined. Muscle electronic stimulation has been the best way for me to get the abs that I have wanted for so long. I tried for a really long time on my own to try and get a defined and firm stomach. However, no matter how much time I spent at the gym I never saw the results that I wanted.

I recommend the Butterfly Abs to everyone because it really can make a difference in the abdominal muscles and it makes it possible for anyone to start with all of the different intensity levels. The Butterfly Abs are safe and convenient to use as well.

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